Protecting Your Business And Your IP

Growing the Businesses of Entrepreneurs in Texas and across the U.S.

Since 2017, WedLawk® of Houston has represented business entities and individual entrepreneurs in Harris County and throughout the United States. No matter what stage of development your business is currently in, our innovative business law attorney, Emily Bradford can help facilitate its success. She takes a creative approach that allows her to develop out-of-the-box strategies for clients in a broad range of industries.

Through her diligent and detail-oriented legal services, attorney Bradford can assist you with:

  • Startup planning: Guidance through the processes of filing, making business agreements and negotiating contracts.
  • Intellectual property (IP): Defending and monetizing your trademarks, patents and copyrights in a cutthroat global market.
  • Employment law: Employers can rely on us for compliance, dispute resolution, employment contracts and more.
  • Commercial litigation: Advocating tenaciously in business litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Meet your attorney:

Safeguarding Your IP in a Competitive World

In today’s modern business landscape, intellectual property is more important than ever. Protecting your IP aggressively from infringement is critical if you want your business to retain its cutting edge. If another party accuses you of intellectual property infringement, Emily Bradford will not hesitate to defend you in court to clear your name. She knows the complex world of IP inside and out and can help optimize the monetization of your IP.

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