Protecting Your Business And Your IP

Your Guide for All Steps of Copyright and Trademark Registration

There are numerous complex steps to registering a copyright or trademark. However, doing so is critical to protecting your intellectual property (IP). The best way to ensure you check all the boxes is to work with an experienced IP attorney like ours at WedLawk®. From our law office in Houston, attorney Emily Bradford represents individual entrepreneurs as well as nationally renowned business entities.

Taking the Crucial Step of Registering Your IP

Although you have the option of establishing copyrights and trademarks without formally registering them, we do not necessarily advise this. Official registration gives you numerous benefits. These include:

We help you identify intellectual property worth protecting. Then, we work to register your trademarks and copyrights to ensure your intellectual property assets are secure. Once we do so, we can get started licensing your trademarks and copyrights. With our effective guidance, we can make sure that you are optimizing the value of your IP and strengthening your brand identity to its fullest potential.

Creating the Agreements that Monetize Your Ideas

Our area of special focus is structuring and negotiating IP licensing agreements. The terms of agreements that you sign stipulating the use of your trademarks and copyrights stand to increase your profits and brand identity substantially. If not legally sound and fair, you stand to lose out significantly. That is why our trademark and copyright attorney drafts agreements designed to leverage your intellectual property effectively.

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